Designing a vocabulary learning app that maximizes memorization

Spaced Repetition System (SRS) 📊

Model depicting forgetting curve (Credit:
Visual diagram of the SRS method (Credit:

Design Process

Design process outline for this project

Step 1: Research 🔬

Hardest part about learning vocabulary?

What methods are currently used?

What would help this process?

Step 2. Empathy 🙋🏽

Persona Analysis

Product Story 📖

Step 4: Ideation & Feature Prioritization 🗒

I used the MoSCoW framework of prioritizing features for the app before I got started on any prototypes.

Step 4: Designing 🧑‍💻



Onboarding walkthrough


Example lesson screens


Both English-to-Korean and Korean-to-English recall is used

Step 5: Reflection 🤔

Next Steps

Introducing DANO! 🇰🇷


Walkthrough →



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